Sometimes we don't even think that we need this or that service until everything is working well and the critical moment has not arrived. But if it occurs, then there is not enough time or resources for a high-quality solution to the problem. However, the problem is often preventable.
    By using the lubricant monitoring program "Laboratory audit OIL DOCTOR from PROTEC", you will begin not only to monitor, but also to manage the life cycle of your equipment. This service is designed to detect the condition of the oil, determine its potential and eliminate problems in the operation of the equipment before they lead to breakdowns, downtime and unscheduled repairs.
    How it works:
    1. We take oil samples ourselves or teach you how to do it (including providing tools).2. Send the sample by courier.3. We conduct analysis, record indicators. We compare with typical indicators for the investigated lubricant.4. Repeat after a certain cycle (determined based on the type of mechanism and lubricant).5. We look at the dynamics and comment on all the results. We make a detailed analysis, comments and an expert opinion.6. We give recommendations.7. We teach you to understand what is happening at each of the stages.
    This program uses modern stationary equipment and a mobile mini-laboratory. Thanks to innovative test methods, as well as the potential of our technical specialists, we quickly inform you about how the oil behaves during operation.
    1. Assistance in the selection of optimally suitable lubricants by the method of in-depth analysis of the behavior of the lubricant in the node.2. Constant monitoring of the "health" of the equipment. Extending the service life of the equipment. Reduction of maintenance costs.3. Increasing reliability and reducing unplanned equipment downtime due to failure, unscheduled repairs or unjustified replacement of lubricants.4. Increase in mileage as a result of correct selection and constant, timely monitoring of the condition of the lubricant.5. Reduction of personnel costs. It makes no sense to buy expensive specialists and keep them on staff. We do it much more efficiently and cheaper.
    Trust PROTEC specialists, and you will be able to get the most out of the "OIL DOCTOR" laboratory audit program. Your equipment will work better, longer and help you achieve results that exceed expectations.


    We are glad to welcome you to the "OIL ACADEMY Academy of lubricants".

    "Academy of lubricants" is a series of training courses on the types of motor, transmission, hydraulic and other technical oils and fluids, on the arrangement and principles of operation of engines, machines and mechanisms in which these oils and fluids are used. Studying at the Academy of Lubricants, you will be able to gain additional professional knowledge and use it effectively. Modern digital solutions, online and offline trainings, tests are widely used in the training process. We are ready to provide you with all the comprehensive information both about PROTEC brand products and their practical application, and will increase your level of knowledge about lubricants in general. This will help you better navigate the modern realities of the industry of lubricants and technical fluids and achieve even greater success in business.

    After completing the "Academy of Lubricating Materials" course, you will be issued a diploma of a specialist in lubricating materials. You will have comprehensive knowledge about these products. Your customers will have no doubts that they are offered the best products, the highest level of service and professional recommendations.
    The course is conducted by a team of highly qualified experts in the field of lubricants and technical fluids, led by the speaker of the program - Roman Chebaev.

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